Thursday, March 4, 2010

Five Tips For Keeping Your Online Shopping Experience Safe

Identity theft is an alarming situation. Occurs when someone comes into possession of your credit card, bank account or social security number. Then they use their purchasing power to buy goods or obtain credit cards or loans in your name. Eventually, accumulating more debt than you ever imagined.
This is why when you buy online, you must be careful. Personal information will be saved so that thieves will not steal your identity or use your credit card.

A Council - Passwords

The passwords that you select for your team should be different from the password you choose to shop online. When choosing a password for financial institutions use a password for it. Choose a string of at least five letters, numbers and punctuation.

Be very careful in answering emails, phone calls, faxes or letters from people asking for your password, social security number, date of birth, bank account number, credit card, maiden name of mother or any other information staff. Online businesses do not require this information. Requests of this nature should be a red light of a thief.

Tip Two - Legitimacy

While browsing the Web, make sure the stores you want to buy are legitimate. Use your engine's search bar and type the name of the shop at the bar, checking customer feedback and opinions. This can help determine whether the company is real.

Another thing to look at the site are third-party guarantees. Most companies must comply with ethical requirements to receive such approval. These types of joints are given by the Better Business Bureau and TRUSTe.

Three Council - Codification

According to Microsoft, encryption is a security measure that encrypts data as it traverses the Internet. Encryption is very important when you use your credit card or provide other important information using the Web. A general rule is when using a site search encryption security in the URL bar and see if the address starts with http or https. The final 's' in the example above is the safe word. You can also find the padlock icon in the status bar of your browser.

Four Council - Privacy

Most of the shopping site has posted privacy policies in place. Be sure to review their methods. Want to see if we collect information about you, why and how they will use this information. If you can not find the privacy policies in place to explore, then use a different line of activity.

Tip Five - Review

Before buying be sure to check the return of the return of the company and the shipping and handling policies. Print all policies, terms, conditions, warranties, item descriptions, and information about the company and keep on file.


Online shopping has several advantages. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks. Ensure your online security is your protection against identity theft.

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