Sunday, January 10, 2010

7 Tips To Spot Fake Coupons Online Or Offline

Nothing is more painful and shocking to then take off in a store and find that it is a forgery. Almost as bad is to send a coupon for a discount and not because it is not legitimate. The purpose of this article is to tell the things you need to know and do when buying a ticket to an offer.

Tip # 1. All coupons are free. If someone is trying to sell on eBay or on the Internet, do not buy. They are not legitimate, or hoarding coupons and someone trying to cash in. You only want to deal with coupons that you receive by mail, Internet or newspapers and magazines.

Tip 2. The coupon should be standard business information such as company logo, address, telephone number and other identification features.It normal is very important for a company that you have not heard before. You can call them and see if the coupon is valid.

Tip # 3. Coupons must have an expiration date. Most deals are limited, either because the manufacturer or the dealer wants you to take action and to redeem discount offer or bonus you receive.

Tip # 4. Tenders must be significant. If it sounds too good to be true usually is. Buyer Beware!

Tip # 5. Beware of brightly colored stamps on one page. Most coupons are not internet or on the quality of newsprint or magazine paper. There are a growing number of legitimate online coupons that can be downloaded in photocopy paper, if other conditions are met above.

Tip # 6. The coupon should have a bar code, which demonstrates that the manufacturer or retailer is monitoring the coupon to see how the offer.

Tip # 7 If you want more information on discount coupons visit Online Information Corporation is a nonprofit organization that deals with police issuing false receipts.

I wish you great success, great fun and save money by using legitimate coupons. This makes life much better, and all leaves of fraudsters who give businesses and professionals discount legitimate websites a black eye! I hope this article will help give more confidence when you go off hunting.

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