Sunday, January 3, 2010

Online Shopping - A Growing Phenomenon

Recent trends show that online shopping will increase its customer base steadily in the coming years. This phenomenon will only grow in the future. This began in 1992 when Charles Stack opened the first online book store. The enthusiasm spread rapidly with eBay and Amazon stores in Canada.

Today, no company can survive without an online presence. It is estimated that electronic commerce is an industry of over one hundred billion dollars in the U.S. alone. Today, almost anything can be bought online. Books for furniture for air tickets - everything is available online.

Growing customer base

Initially, only the rich used to buy online. However, most people now buy online. One reason behind this trend is increasing confidence in shopping online. Online businesses, Google, Microsoft and other stakeholders have made considerable efforts to purchase goods online process is safe and without complications.

Today over 50% of Internet users worldwide is also active in shopping online. This demonstrates the confidence that people have about online transactions.

Safe and Easy

Not only is it s safer online shopping, but it is very easy. All the buyer needs is a computer, internet connection, bank account and credit card or debit card. Buyers can use Internet search engines to shop online. Just type the word in the search box and you will be provided with a list of online merchants offering this product.

With a simple click of a mouse, a customer can compare offers from hundreds of online merchants. Compare offers and choose the one that sounds best. Consumers can pay with a credit or debit card. Many online merchants also offer payment by money order or check. Buyers can also choose to pay the cash payment option for delivery.

Making it more attractive

To make online shopping appealing to customers, online businesses that keep rolling in new ways. For example, it was noted that to increase customers, online businesses have to deliver orders faster. So today, many e-commerce sites will deliver the product to the area where the customer places the order. Not only reduces the time it takes to deliver the goods, but also reduces shipping costs.

It was also noted that consumers do not necessarily go in search engines to find products. For online purchasing of many customers to follow the word of mouth. In other words, many buyers to buy a product because some of their friends, relatives or acquaintances who refers to them.

In fact, online shoppers who are following the advice of online purchases in your Twitter account. Supporters of Twitter to recommend the latest shoes, mobile phones, DVDs and more.

Today, many online businesses are on Twitter. They use the song to learn more about their customers and use this information to find ways to spice up their offerings.

In the future, online shoppers can find other online service companies. With more and more services related to online shopping, more and more you use this option in the future.

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