Saturday, April 24, 2010

Avoid Abandoned Shopping Carts Online

Nothing is more irritating to me as a consumer, such as shopping carts online to save me before I can buy them. It's just another hurdle to jump once before through I give you my money. 90% of the time I leave these sites subject to registration with a simple click of my mouse. Online shopping should be easy and fun for customers. If you have a high percentage of basket leave, take a look at online retailers the following errors in his credit.

Secure checkout
First, your payment page must be completed with at least an encrypted connection. Customers shop online want to ensure that your personal information is protected from online predators. Provide visible symbols of secure payment on all payment pages.

Easy Order
Completion of a transaction should be smooth and fast for customers. Not require registration or the creation of a username / password before validating. Resist the temptation to seek information or interest to receive electronically. The purchase must be quick and convenient. Adding additional steps in the process increases the frustration of cash and abandoned cars.

Allow your customers to enter their coupon codes, promotional codes, codes of reward, or other code before entering your credit card information. The same goes for gift cards or gift certificates. Customers can view their instant discounts are more likely to complete the transaction. Code promotion offer on their website will also encourage customers to leave. "

Shipping and taxes
Buyers tend to be "sticker shock" when they are at the last step in order before taxes and shipping costs are added to the amount of product. This sudden increase in the cost of clicking the basket. Click Delete to bring these to provide any additional spending from the beginning. Consider offering free shipping or pay the sales tax "offers.

Online shopping is like shopping in person: Buyers want a secure store, with discounts, no hidden costs, and zero hours of departure!

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