Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Purchase Online Trends In China

Internet population in China is the world's largest with 230 million Internet users, equivalent to the entire United States population is interesting, it may seem that there is an enormous amount of Internet trafffic in China, but this figure does not results in an equal volume of e-commerce business. Well, at least not immediately.

Although the numbers are improving at a rapid pace, there are trends that are occurring in the world of online shopping.

Take the case of the buyer profile online. Most online shoppers are well educated. Apparently, the rate of increase in online shopping as the level of education of the buyer is higher. About 80% of these customers live in highly urbanized areas such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou and work in joint ventures or enterprises with foreign investors. The statistics also show that the average income of online shoppers is higher than the average Internet user.

The most popular items bought online were clothing and accessories, followed by books, audio and video products, cosmetics and jewelry and digital products and accessories. male shoppers are more likely to buy cosmetics and jewelry line, while men tend to buy more digital products, recharge cards, equipment and computer accessories.

Cash on delivery is still the form of payment. This is mainly due to a general distrust in online payment systems and the fear of credit card fraud. online marketers to manage the delivery of cash as a payment option available because the cost of labor to delivery and collection are still cheap.

However, logistical issues seem to be the reason leading online shopping is at its lowest level in rural or remote areas. In fact, many online retailers offer delivery and metropolitan areas served complain about long delivery times.

Overall, it appears that the growth of electronic commerce has been inhibited by a combination of factors. Suspicion of online payment systems, the fear of credit card and cons of online sales fraud, the fear of identity theft, sale of counterfeit products and logistics for delivery have prevented the ineffective online sales take off in China.

But one observer has compared online shopping with the hockey stick that China believed to be a matter of time before confidence in the online system for buying and selling will be in. This is because Chinese are known for certain gradually adopt habits and behaviors after the fall of their fears.

In fact, activity in the continued growth in Internet penetration and e-commerce can be a test of this Chinese character. Observers increasingly e-commerce in China expects to see positive changes in buying behavior online.

Meanwhile, you can position yourself accordingly as e-commerce in China entered the scene in full swing.

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