Tuesday, April 20, 2010

E-Commerce Services - Overview, Type And Application In Industry

E-Commerce is commonly called E-Marketing and e-marketing. It is a system of buying and selling of products through electronic media here, the electronic media is subject to the Internet and other electronic media. Latest reports on updates to the survey are the use of electronic commerce is growing daily. Thousands of web sites and applications have been received since the last two decades.

Records show the late '70s that the use of electronic means has been used mainly for special purposes only, such as electronic funds transfer, electronic data interchange. Later, his use of the application has taken a different turn if the credit cards and ATMs came into the market. users and the optimization of this type of system have been reported by the U.S. and UK in the eighties. Now, the popularity of online shopping is gaining popularity around the world rapidly among young people. After inventing the World Wide Web by Tim Berners Lee in 1990 the use of electronic marketing spread like wildfire through the world.Since, then people started using e-commerce call for a system electronic media for trade.

Several suppliers of e-commerce hosting was created to provide the e-business in which the company provides businesses with others what they owe to the sales, purchases and auctions of their products and services on the World Wide Web, including facilities such as web hosting and others.

Types: -

These are the terms commonly used in reference to electronic marketing.

1. Business to Business, which is known as B2B.
2. Business to Customer, which is known as B2C.
3. business customers, known as C2B and finally
4. Client to another, which is known as C2C.

B2B - Business partners are active participants in this type of enterprise system. The by-product or finished product or components used by other professional organizations. Here is an organization of manufacturers of certain products and the purchase of shares and selling them again with the organization of other companies. This procedure of placing on the market is changing rapidly. This form of marketing is generally known as industrial marketing.

B2C - business organization and the customers are active participants in this type of marketing. A consumer is a buyer of products that are not associated. The finished products are sold directly to customers worldwide through electronic media, in particular through the application of the World Wide Web, and portals. B2C products goods and services, including automobiles, bicycles, repairs and computer reservation systems. We consider all commercial sites such as eBay that his example.

C2C - refers to the consumption of consumer marketing. Here, customers are active participants. The auction site that offers consumers the price is an example of C2C marketing system. This marketing system is also based on electronic media.

C2B: - Here, consumers rely on products and services offered by the organization of the company. ATM is an example of business marketing systems of the customer.

Application in the industry: -

Buy and sell products and services has become a trend in this globalized world.

Internet has become an essential element of the interaction between the business organization, its suppliers and customers. The purchase and sale of products and services on the Internet is growing rapidly. In this changing environment, to compete must have a good knowledge of e-marketing strategy. Darwin's theory of survival of the fit rains may apply for monitoring the performance of the company because the organization can adopt the latest technology and develop their largest companies can survivein this era of competitors.

There is much third party software currently available on the market that reduces complexity and provides user-friendly module e-commerce to address the need to work organizations. Credit card and use the debit card is increasing at the same rate as it is a useful tool to the online store where financial instruments physical dependence is replaced by digital applications. Many of logistics management and supply chain software is an additional support for the pending purchase and traditional methods of mail delivery. So thanks to the flexibility of use, operation, control, payment and delivery of e-marketing has a key role in shaping the world in a matter of trading platform. At the conclusion of the online service e-commerce are invaluable to individuals or people who want to shop without any trouble using the electronic media over the Internet.

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