Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Problem With Online Coupons - Why Use Coupons On The Internet Can Be Hurting Your Business

Traditionally, advertising with coupons was a good way to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Use of the Internet, promoting your business with coupons has become faster, cheaper and easier than ever. Unfortunately, Internet coupons "brick and mortar" companies have become ineffective and most likely have a negative impact on your business if not used correctly. The reasons are:

1. Printable Internet coupons is like printing money, it devalues the coupons for the customer and the merchant.

The coupons are actually a form of currency. They are an agreement between the customer and the merchant. The merchant uses the coupon to say, "I'll give you a discount or special offer, and instead to protect my business." This is the basic relationship and make the fixed coupon and it works great but only if there is one coupon at a time.

The problem with most Internet coupons is that they are infinitely redeemable. Most of the time, users can print online coupons as often as you like so you can actually receive the discount the same every time they go to the merchant. If we were all able to print money for our computers in the same way, our money instantly worthless. Using coupons to print this way, the client reduces the value of the products in your mind that the coupon is applied and therefore their own coupons. The trader on the other must devalue the coupon itself because it is more effective in creating a "give and take" relationship, but just introduced along their products or services.

2. Always have available coupons devalued again. If they are still there for the taking, there is no urgency to get them.

As the article above, provided with a coupon available for printing or the exchange has the same effect as printing hundreds of copies. traditional print coupons have been distributed regularly in a newspaper, magazine, mail, etc. This means you only going to get one and only one of these coupons until the magazine of the day and distributed. Therefore, if you had interest in potentially using this coupon for the future, then cut the coupon now and ready to use. With Internet coupons, knowing that you can always return to a website and print a coupon on the case has the effect of the coupon also worthless. That's because (a) forget that the coupon has been and will never return to the print and (b) more important, the bond loses its promotional value to try to find someone to take immediate action.

3. Most online coupons are in a "pull" rather than a "push" model.

When customers have to go out and get coupons, coupons instead of being pushed to the client, to get used by the true fans frugal coupon and not the clients or customers the first time I have forgotten. Again, traditional coupons have been sent "pushed" to potential customers, so it acted as an excellent way to actively promote the business.

In addition, Internet coupons into a "pull" model, where customers must visit a site to see what vouchers and coupons are available, lack of market value. One of the biggest marketing stamp benefits since they were studied by Claude Hopkins in the 20th century, should be able to prove scientifically and marketing messages with "push" coupons and monitoring those returned to you. Although this could still be theoretically dans a "pull" type scenario, the benefit of the "push" system of testing is that you can send your message to a specific number of beneficiaries in a given period, then get a statistical sample specific conclusions.

The correct way to use internet printable coupons

The solution to the "problem with online coupons is to use the Internet to distribute their coupons, while the elimination ofthe problems mentioned above.

First, use an e-mail marketing

Then add a secure "a system of printing time" for the distribution of coupons. This gives each e-mail your coupons can be printed once for each voucher submitted. This may seem a bit trivial or even small, but the reality is that the coupons can only be used once allows the merchant to feel more comfortable with the promotion of higher discounts and better rates at the same time give the customer more perceived and the value actual coupon.

With these tools not only significantly reduce the cost of advertising versus traditional advertising print the coupon, but you can use promotional advertising as best as possible. Actively promote your business to new and existing customers for the use of evidence to discover the optimal marketing messages to grow your business. Create a real market for their coupons and their value will increase to all people who use them.

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