Friday, April 9, 2010

It Is My Power Mall Really Online International Shopping Mall?

My Power Mall offers online shopping through more than 1,000 points of sale, meaning that users can choose products for convenient home delivery of millions of items of merchandise. The growing popularity of online shopping is one of the reasons for my Power Mall has become so popular so quickly, but in reality is an international online shopping? The short answer at present must be "no" or perhaps "not yet", but look at the whole picture.

Online shopping becomes more popular every day and it is not surprising if we take into account that offers this convenience. There is no need for buyers in remote communities to make a long pilgrimage to the big city to find the items you want to buy, shopping online means they can stay home and buy so if you want with a few mouse clicks. Parents no longer have to choose to shop while trying to control active kids who prefer a different location in the mall. Heavy or cumbersome large purchases do not have to be lugged around, delivered directly to the buyer's door.

If convenience is not enough to convince the average person shopping in a mall online, discounts available for online purchase will tilt the balance in favor of shopping online. My Power Mall offers online shopping discounts to anyone who becomes a member, but this is only a part of history. My Power Mall is not only save money, make money too. Members who introduce new members of my Power Mall also pays a percentage of trade discounts received by those who brought in.

At the time of this writing, I can Mall is just six months old and is experiencing tremendous growth. In their FAQ, they say: "We were surprised when so many international members joined us," the mere fact that this statement is included in the FAQ is probably the impression that the company was overwhelmed by the much interest throughout the world.

My Power Mall is an American company and was initiated prior to appeal to the citizens of the United States. The vast majority of providers included in the 1000 + stores available in the launch of my Power Mall will be sent to the United States, but, according to the FAQ of the company is "working to make a true International Trade Center . They continue to say that work hard to find merchants that will be available to all countries represented by its international members. To what extent will the accomplishment of this task remains to be seen. Find a handful of merchants to meet each participating countries represented hundreds of distributors and retail locations to adapt the filtering of international companies would be enormous.

The owners of my power Mall are apparently committed to the expansion of the company to become an international shopping, but now they have a long way to go before we really can offer an international shopping. At the time of this writing, my power is an international business center of the home based business opportunity, but it is a U.S. online mall.

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