Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ocad: Online Shopping Experience

I have shopped online before with other companies but are really something different OCAD. The service offering is no different from other supermarkets, but how they do it.

OCAD working in partnership with Waitrose, so if you do not live in the Submitting your local Waitrose, you can live in the OCAD shipment. You can book your delivery location before you begin shopping, and the system allows you to check if a truck in your area next week, reducing pollution to send trucks back to the same place repeatedly. You do not get reduced shipping costs for this, but you get a warm feeling inside free.

The minimum order is £ 40 and orders over £ 70, delivery is free. The delivery slots are one hour. I booked my place in advance to avoid the pain of selecting items from one hour before discovering that he could not get delivered for 2 weeks when they ate the meat pieces are not identified in the back of the freezer.

My order is placed exactly at the time, and unlike other services, where the pilot discharge of surly shop faster delivery, because they can run at night, the driver OCAD been in no hurry, and explain the process for me as a new customer. As with other companies, the substitutions are made and if you do not return them.

However - and this clever little - all companies are carefully placed in bags of different colors, indicating whether the freezer, refrigerator or pantry. Yes, I know that other stores of frozen put things together, but once you've covered all kitchen surfaces with exchanges have been frozen defrost control while trying desperately to find in the hundreds of identical bags.

At the end of the day, shopping online is to save time - what could be better to know when shopping will arrive before deciding what to do is get in a time window of 60 minutes, you know immediately if it is supposed to go into the kitchen, saving time to solve everything?

OCAD I totally recommend it to anyone who fell in love with other online stores after discovering that they have encountered more problems than solutions

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