Saturday, December 12, 2009

Save With Coupons Amazon And Cashback

As the industry took off online purchases, Amazon has always been a leader in the field. During the years that have expanded their activities in different categories to a one-stop online shopping. Besides this, they created several opportunities for consumers to save money by buying from Amazon. I'll show how these methods and you can take to help you save while spending.

Promotion Codes

Promotion codes of the Amazon are "online coupons" that can be used to apply a credit to your purchase. Amazon does not advertise regularly present, but can be easily found online. The good thing about promotion codes is that they are deducted from your total order basket that you can get free shipping on items that are under $ 25 after the order.
Amazon regularly have promotional codes that are applied directly to products or categories. Here are some examples:

  • $ 25 $ 125 purchases in specific categories.
  • $ 25 credit for the acquisition memory when buying a digital camera

Once you get a coupon code, all you need do is enter the "promotion code" box during your order. At this point,
applied to your order and you will see instant savings immediately.

Cashback through gift certificates

Want to save on every purchase you make? Amazon has introduced its own brand of platinum credit card that lets you earn points that turn into Amazon gift certificates. For every dollar spent at Amazon, you will receive 3 points. For every dollar spent anywhere else, you get 1 point. For every 2,500 points you earn, Amazon will send a gift certificate for $ 25. If you use this card only for purchases at Amazon, you get a gift certificate for $ 25.00 after spending only $ 834.00 at Amazon. This looks like a return of 3% cash reward is fantastic compared to most of the cards in the industry offered only 1%! Best of all, when you apply for the card and approved, your first purchase at Amazon is eligible for a refund of $ 30.
When you receive your gift certificate may be applied in your body Amazon instant savings.

Free Shipping

If you do not hurry to receive their orders, we recommend you take advantage of the navigation of the Amazon Super Saver.
Most items purchased directly from Amazon (and through a retailer on eBay or other) are eligible for free transportation to the total is over $ 25. We found that most orders arrive in a timely manner, even when used this way! With the increase in postal rates, which is a tremendous opportunity for savings.

Do the math

Now that we've shown three ways to save, let's see how our savings accumulate. Say you were in the market for an MP3 player for the sale of $ 149.99 and had a coupon code for $ 25 off for all MP3 players. Factor in the purchase of Amazon first credit card, the 3% cash back and free shipping.

  • $ 149.99 retail price
  • Subtract $ 25 - Promotion Code
  • Subtract premium discount of $ 30 - for the first card purchase with Amazon
  • Subtract $ 2.85 - cash back of 3% (285 points)
  • Subtract $ 0 - Free shipping on orders over $ 25.
  • Your total: $ 92.14 - a savings of 39% on price!

As you buy more from Amazon, you see that is a blessing. As a frequent customer at any mispartamento of the store, should be rewarded. Amazon is easy thanks to your programs!

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