Monday, December 7, 2009

Online Coupons - Smart Buy

What are online coupons and why are they so popular? The coupons are becoming increasingly popular. With the current economic situation, back in vogue. You may find you reach your mailbox, on many websites and newspapers. Discounts are available at local stores, restaurants and various services.

According to a study by New York-based Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) Coupon Council, approximately $ 350 million in coupons are available each year. Approximately 89% of U.S. citizens using coupons online, where the daily shopping. It is a convenient way to record, especially in times of recession, when people want to keep the money in their pockets as possible. WFP estimates that by spending just three minutes a day in reducing the coupons can save up to $ 1,000 per year! The average American family saves between $ 5.20 and $ 9.60 per week using coupons. This may seem small, but if you put in the bank, joins.

What can you save?
Online Coupons are very useful for Internet consumers tend to seek smaller products. They can offer free shipping deals, promotion codes and many other money saving opportunities. Not only online coupons for discounts on products and Internet services. You can store offline and on everything from movies, sports and concerts to daily services such as dry cleaning, cleaning and painting of houses.

Restaurant coupons offers every conceivable type of cuisine - pizza, American, Indian, Chinese, barbecue - at a promotional price. You can also find coupons automotive auto parts (tires, mirrors) and services such as car washing. There are coupons offered deals in real estate related to the purchase or rental of a house or apartment. You can even get a discount on plastic surgery!

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