Friday, February 12, 2010

Coupons Google Local Maps - Getting To And Save Money

With Google, you can now save money while looking for local businesses and get directions. Imagine the next time you are looking for a local shop for an oil change, not only find the stores and addresses, but a coupon you can print and take with you to discounts that may not have otherwise obtained.

OK, coupons and online is not new, but here it is again. In an effort to ensure that more local companies listed, Google is allowing local businesses to add to list their coupons on Google Maps for free. Other online directories charge a fee to allow companies to advertise a coupon for your ads.

As this is free advertising for businesses, is likely to see more results in your local listings, and full of coupons. Just think, even if you know the location of a business, it's worth May find on Google Maps, in any case, just to get a coupon.

With gas is currently about $ 3.00 a gallon, if you can get three dollars with a coupon, you just saved yourself a gallon of gasoline for a short trip around town. What if you had several errands to run? Check Google Maps for coupons for each business, you should go, even if you know where he is. These coupons can really add after some time.

It is not likely to see a large number of businesses with coupons immediately. It will take a while for word to get out, but if you have a few companies that you frequently visit in May worth about Google Maps and how you can advertise with a free coupon.

Personally, I'm not much of a coupon clipper, but believe me, gas prices are so high as they are, I'll check with Google Maps for coupons to offset that cost, on a regular basis. There are small local businesses to make free advertising, and the possibilities are endless. Food products, pharmaceuticals, oil changes, you name. Now you can store things you use every day!

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