Sunday, February 14, 2010

Online Shopping - The Security You Need To Practice

Online shopping is now a major industry. We buy, sell, pay the bills ... the list is almost endless what we can do online. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on online purchases worldwide each year. Unfortunately, with all the positive points of the ease and speed of online shopping and transactions are just cliches. Here are some tips for safer online shopping.

When sites use, always try to use well known and secure sites, so the potential for abuse is reduced or eliminated. You can check with the Department of Consumer Affairs to determine whether a particular site is not recommended.

There are several ways to determine if an online site is secure or not (see note below)

Some common types of fraud online

• Chain letters
• illegal trade and investment activities
• Tips
• Pyramid
• Identity theft
• Auction Bidding dummy / doll
• Credit card theft
• False pricing

Typically, an online business that says everything on his website has nothing to hide. This includes;

• Privacy Policy

• All information relating to what they are selling, buying terms, and communication lines if necessary talk to them.
• Testimonials

• Comments

When using a secure site, many measures have been taken to ensure their safety.

1. Advanced encryption and validation processes are used to protect your credit card. This prevents others from identity theft and fraud. If your browser displays a padlock icon beside the website address, then it shows he is in a safe place.

2. The sites may also have insurance https: / / instead of http://, the secure server of the meaning of 's'.
Other items that may include finding May pop-up confirmation of their safety. If they are not in place, then it is likely that the site is not as secure as you need.

3. Pay by credit card is actually quite strong compared to traditional beliefs. The credit card technologies and encryption in fact most of the transactions very secure. In most countries, the credit card is limited to a certain amount (eg $ 50) to minimize the possibility of unauthorized use. Credit cards can be safer than checks and money orders.

4. You can also use an alternative - the credit card single use, which is used for online purchases only. You can find this service with some credit card companies. These cards will expire immediately after use so that an intruder can recover funds from you. Ask your bank about this service.

5. Keep all transaction documents. This is a test and a track that can be used as proof that you made some buyers. It will show you the order dates, delivery dates and other details may be required in an investigation.

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