Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Takeoff Mall Network Is Where Social Networking And Online Shopping Will Pay Cash Back

Liftoff of Communications is a Texas-based LLC, created to allow members to upload and money and make money online leveraging their social and professional networks. Online Shopping Network takeoff platform unifies customer rewards (discounts, cash rebates and cash payments for online purchases) with social networks. A member of the personalized homepage completely customizable features streaming news, music and video over the social networking platforms and online games. Some of the biggest names Liftoff of the network include: iTunes, Wal-Mart, Travelocity, Barnes & Noble, Sprint, Best Buy, GAP, Vonage, Blackberry, Verizon, Cingular, Dell, and more than 300 sites in the marks more top

Liftoff of network sends monthly checks to its members for the value of the accumulated savings made through a cash refund benefit of the network. Recovery of money varies from 1% to 50%. This can add up to a sum of money if members regularly shop at the mall across the network launch.

Besides being a free service, one of the things I like about being a member Takeoff are offering preferential discounts by retailers. The system automatically displays vouchers for a new member of the products displayed in takeoff center network. This leads to big savings every time a member buys a branded product through the mall off. There are entire companies that do nothing more than to find and provide the latest coupons from major retailers. As a member of Peel has been done for you, saving you time and trouble trying to find a Legit coupon to use on your purchase.

You can customize your page Takeoff

Takeoff network brings the best of the Internet at your fingertips. Create your network Takeoff Mall in the selection of news, games, video, music module you like. You can even access Facebook and Twitter from your site Takeoff network.

You can save big money by using Takeoff

Peel By registering, you get the preferential treatment of the biggest names in retail like iTunes: Dell, Sears, Wal-Mart and Gap. When you make a purchase, you receive varies from 1% -10% cash back into your network takeoff. And when you're ready to get a cell phone that comes, you can save $ 300 of the biggest names in wireless. In the end, they send you a check - is how to make money to buy things you normally buy anyway.

You can promote Takeoff

Start your free page Takeoff and get paid. When you invite your friends to join Take off, you will be rewarded each time you make a purchase. How cool is that every time your friends buy a song on iTunes or a PC at Best Buy or a new TV at Target, you get paid. Like his friends start to invite your friends, you will see your network and your earnings start to grow the virus. This is a model of how viral marketing is supposed to work.


Liftoff is free for all, that is great and because you have no technical ability to create your page Takeoff, its not even arise. Savings on the products you purchase still makes sense and if is to make money in electronic commerce and social networks is attractive to you, then you'll be glad to know they have it very easy to promote your Web Liftoff to your friends. With just a few mouse clicks, you can send all your Gmail, AOL, MSN or Outlook address book an email written in a professional manner with all things techie HTML. Droese With Christmas just around the corner and eventually be as hard as they are for many of us, it's time to learn more about the network of quick takeoff and get a jump on their Christmas shopping without leaving home.

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