Sunday, February 7, 2010

Online Shopping New Year - 1000% Increase Sales Conversions

• Do you know how to adjust your site to be more intuitive can dramatically increase your conversion rate?
• Discover how to stop your visitors leave your site without making a purchase
• Be as successful as ProFlowers and to 14.1% conversion rate

Although you may be tempted to immediately submit a new structure of the online store's search engine internet marketing in early trade relations or even pay for an SEO consultant, it is important to realize that regardless of go traffic on your site, won 't help your business if your average rate is poor.

The conversion rate of your website is crucial because it is the proportion of visitors to the sale on its site. The results of Forrester Research indicates that media types of websites is 2.9%.

However, knowing some tricks to increase the effectiveness of its online store can easily increase your conversion rate of almost 1000% to enjoy the festive spirit. After all, successful websites such as ProFlowers, Coldwater Creek and as high as 14.1%, 13.3% and 13.0% respectively. Here are some tips to follow its success:

1) Design your website around ROI

Make sure your designer knows the importance of designing the product pages, shopping cart and exit the process. These elements must be very intuitive for customers. To determine the level of intuition to your site, plans to conduct usability testing. Always test your site extensively before it goes live.

2) Emphasize display information and not products

If you have 10 different products on each page with little information supporting these products, offering customers more questions rather than answers. Remember, customers need a lot of information to make their purchase decision. Instead, create quality photos with different angles of the products, product descriptions provide intensive to allow customer feedback. Make sure your site design does not require customers to leave your site to search for answers elsewhere.

3) Provide an excellent research tool

Having a tool of high quality research can increase your conversion rate up to 500%. Customers need to find what they need quickly. Your site has 3-4 seconds to show that they can meet their needs before they start looking elsewhere. Time for an example of a Google search for your web site designer to emulate.

4) Internationalization

If you allow sales outside the U.S., make sure you do not understand "the state in which generally show a combination of the United States alone. This unintentionally discourage anyone not living in the United States to do business in place, which decreases their conversion rate. Another thing to remember is to make both work for our customers as possible so they can click "Skip" without much thought. Consider placing the price of money from their clients not to mathematics and geo-locate automatically and not have to go through the country "Select" on the ground.

To calculate the success of your business after the holiday season, discover the reference value of the current average rate of conversion. According to, subscription sales conversion is typically about 1% to 7%. Also, remember that change is once you start segmenting your conversion rate. For example, electronic retail sites averaged only 1.1%, while the conversion rate catalog e-tailers Recoivent a conversion rate of 6.1%.

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